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Welcome To The Laser Scanning Forum

We are hoping this website and forum will become a beacon for the technology and attract members from all over the world to discuss the topic of 3D laser scanning and all it has to offer.

Even when first introduced, all the major benefits of this technology were immediately apparent to the surveying industry. Surveyors were instantly impressed with the speed at which the equipment captured 3D data. Complex 3D environments are captured faster than alternative techniques.

The potential of laser scanning for saving time and money together with its ability to enhance the design process and reduce data collection errors makes it an attractive alternative to traditional data collection techniques. This latest technology offers many great advantages over traditional surveying methods.

Our Future Aims And Objectives

Our mission is for this website is to become the worlds leading society for 3D laser scanning and modelling and their applications to education, science, research, industry, commerce and the public service.

As an organisation, its our mission to inform and educate our members and the public. We support networking between the university, business and government sectors. We also aim to become an international society, and become active around the world.
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