Merging Projects in Cyclone R360

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Merging Projects in Cyclone R360

Post by Habtam »

I am working on an area which is too big for one single project. i created projects after scanning subareas and registered the jobs. some of the jobs were registered in another computer so i imported the archives. I needed to merge one project imported form an archive with another project. After merging the projects the output messed up all the work done in each projects. some setups in the first project were left with unmatching cloud and images, the second project lost all the links(no bundle in the site map, just individual setups). I could not figure out why this happened. The damage too much as the project is still messed up even on earlier versions created before the merge. is there any way to recover both projects back to their before-merge versions? I am using Cyclone R360 2021.1.2.
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Re: Merging Projects in Cyclone R360

Post by badam »

Do you have snapshots (versions?)
The only projects which is change should be the main (primary) the other one should be untouched.
What was your whole workflow?

But hard to believe that this bad could happen. Every versions same on each machine? The archives should be good untouched.

I just simply don't undesrtand why leica go this archiving importing nonsense to be able to work on different machines...

In future projects. The best bet is to have snapshots. and more important:
Save the server db and the main project folder to elsewhere so that you can just copy it back... If something went wrong...

If this could happen, I'm really glad that i wrote ourself a project merger application earlier for 2020 version... I've merged projects succesfully and nothing bad happaned.
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