exported heights from POSPac MMS

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exported heights from POSPac MMS

Post by MariyanYD »

I have the following question.
As the imported heights for coordinates of the base station are Ellipsoidal and so the exported are such as them.
But my final product should be in normal heights (EVRS 2007). How I should proceed.
1. To select Ellipsoid heights as to export but to enter the value of transformed coordinates (from Ellipsoidal to EVRS 2007).
2. To select Orthometric heights to be exported, but there is a field select the type of Geoid (if this is the right choise which type of geoid should select for EVRS 2007)

Thanks in advance.
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Re: exported heights from POSPac MMS

Post by smacl »

Just a guess, but I think the geoid here is EVRF2007 see EPSG:5621 and also http://www.euref.eu/symposia/2006Riga/01-05.pdf Possibly better asking on a forum more oriented to geodesy, try https://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/proj for more specific expertise.
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