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skrackodla wrote: Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:24 pm This gives me just one master cluster that keeps expanding, and also always has a master scan manager.
Is that not needed? Won't your clusters be able to move individually even tho the scans are locked?
Hi. The cluster as a whole does not move. Only the scans inside it move. My reference scan stays fixed. I have seen rare occasions where a top down registration will move a reference scan ever so slightly, but never when doing cloud to cloud.

To hopefully better summarize -

I register 1-20 in Cluster1. Then I create a new Cluster2 and move scan 20 from Cluster1 into this new Cluster2.

I then make scan 20 my reference scan in Cluster2 and register scans 21-40 to scan 20.

Once completed, I move all scans into a single Cluster and export.

Btw, it sounds like you are doing something similar.
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