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I have made 100> posts
I have made 100> posts
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Spherical Target feedback -

Post by tadol »

I sell spherical laser scanning targets (in case you didn't notice) - and I know that they work great with the Faro scanners and Faro registration software. I have heard from customers that they also work well with many other scanners, and many other registration packages. But - I do not collect any data on my customers, or on what they use for scanning or registration. I frequently get questions from potential scanner purchasers about how my targets work with XYZ brand scanner, or ABC brand software - and I don't have a good chart of all this, and do not want to give out bad information -

SO - I am asking if anyone uses any spherical targets (not just Koppa!) of any size, could you please confirm the brand and model scanner and software version you are using them with, and any specific issues (or benefits?) you've found in your workflow? If you want to post targets size you use, that might be interesting, and if you've worked with different registration packages and have some comments about those, that could be interesting as well - but basically, all I would like to make available is what scanners and software work well with spherical targets -

Thanks in advance!

And I might add - if you want to contribute to this thread and don't have any spherical targets, I'd be happy to sell you a set with the forum discount just so you can post your results - ;)
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Re: Spherical Target feedback -

Post by James Hall »

Hello Tad,

I have used your 150 mm sphere targets with Leica Scanners and Cyclone Core. 150mm sphere are what I consider the best size for usability and accuracy in most cases.
The C-10, P40, P50, BLK360 and RTC360 scanners have performed well with your targets. The default target size setting in cyclone core is 152mm. To get optimum target fitting the default need to be changed to 150mm. Under optimum conditions the target fit accuracy is between 0.0003 to 0.0005 ft or 0.09144 to 0.1524 mm.

The 150 mm targets are good out to a range of 100+/- feet for the C-10, P40, P50 and RTC360. The BLK360 is good out to 60 feet.
I prefer not to have 150mm targets at ranges greater then 75 feet for best accuracy. The range of some of these scanners is 200+ feet. For longer range target scanning I would use 250mm or larger spheres. It is rare I need to scan targets at long range.

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