NavVis VLX - wearable mapping

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Re: NavVis VLX - wearable mapping

Post by max72 »

Your real life tests are terrific..
Impressive how the system fares in situations that formally are not its standard environment.
Thanks again,
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Re: NavVis VLX - wearable mapping

Post by MelihNavvis »

Jason Warren wrote: Sat Jul 25, 2020 6:02 am Hi Dennis,
Great posts, thank you.
Can you let me know more about the registration process; Is it simply adding a target coordinate file and pressing a button and leaving the computer to do its thing, or does the computer need to be manned during the registration process? Also do you get a detailed registration report too?
Hi Jason,

Melih from NavVis here...To answer your question:

Registering a target to the scanned data point is as simple as adding a target coordinate file and letting computer do its thing. Computer does not need to be manned during the process.

Once a dataset completes processing, control point (target) registration reports are produced (individually per dataset). For each control point in the dataset, errors in all 3 dimensions (X, Y, Z) are printed. In parallel, during processing, another file is created that keeps the global information for each dataset (position and orientation with respect to the origin of target coordinate frame), which is then later used to register (we call them aligning) different datasets together. One command suffices to register any number of datasets.

I see you've also mentioned about joining a demo in September, have you already set that up? if not just let me know :)
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