JP Global Digital is now in LSF!!

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JP Global Digital
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JP Global Digital is now in LSF!!

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We are a SaaS company focused on visualizing and managing digital twins to connect companies to their projects/assets remotely and smartly. 

Our cloud-based software JP Interactive Viewer (JPIV) provides engineers, designers, surveyors, and asset owners complete access to their Point Clouds, BIM models, and 360 images on a single platform.

What can you do?
  • Visualize and manage Point Clouds & 360 images
  • Integrate BIM models
  • Compare two point clouds
  • Take measurements of any of your 3D datasets
  • Perform simulations with 3D objects
  • Document progress with annotations, comments & member tags
  • Quickly locate BIM elements & annotations
  • Seamlessly share Point Clouds, BIM models & 360 images with any party involved
  • And much more...
If you would like to know more about its capabilities and applications, check out our website.

Do you want to test out our software? We got you! Click here for a free trial
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