M.2 NVMe thermal throttling

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Re: M.2 NVMe thermal throttling

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Just to add to Adam's post above, if you're looking to increase the performance of any system, first thing you have to do is measure that performance and try to pinpoint the bottlenecks. Separate system, temp and data drives could speed things up, but only if your current workload is accessing these concurrently. If not, it won't make the blindest bit of difference. Striping is the most sure fire way to increase performance and while striping + mirroring gives the best and safest gains, striping and syncing can give a relatively robust and performant solution at a significantly lower cost per TB. One issue with striping and mirroring is a need for a minimum of 4 NVMe slots and matching PCIe lanes which may not be available. Personally, on my slightly ageing rig I stripe 2 NVMe drives and have a low priority sync to a big HDD. If one of the solid state drives dies in this configuration, I'm risking maybe a days work flipping over to a secondary system while I order replacement drives and do a rebuild. Plan is to replace the whole rig before this happens and put it in a backup role.
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