Drawing with 3Dfaces too slow!!

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I have made 20-30 posts
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Drawing with 3Dfaces too slow!!

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I have a drawing of a concrete structure that has been scanned and exported to a dwg with 3dfaces. The file is about 60MB but I can't handle it in Bricscad. Pc is heavy enough (128GB RAM, heavy rtx, 14cores,...) but too many 3Dfaces I assume. When opening the dwg into Bricscad, Bricscad needs more than 6GB for that drawing and becomes very slow?
The client wants to import the file into Teakla. Teakla can import dxf and stp.
Is there a way that I can deliver a file with less data? I have already reduced the pointcloud but I want to stil have enough detail.

Thanks for your help.
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