Breaking News : in Autodesk Revit

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Breaking News : in Autodesk Revit

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If you use Revit on a daily basis, you probably already have had to wait for long minutes in front of your computer to visualize your point clouds. Visualizing your point clouds implies that you must download the data on your computer and then import it on Revit, which require a long loading time and a powerful computer to be processed.
This is why has developed a (beta) Revit Plug in. This tool, allows you to stream your point clouds from directly to your Revit software. You will not need any longer to download terabytes of data on your workstation to stream your point clouds from Revit. From now on, the data is streamed in one click from on Revit. Your creation process will be simplified and optimized in order to allow you and your teams to be more powerful.

The plug in allows the update of a digital model, via the stream of the point cloud in an existing model, in order to detect the differences between these two representations of the building and to bring the necessary modifications. A single click and you can compare your point clouds with the model you have designed. Also, through this plug-in, Revit becomes 100% compatible with all point clouds, regardless of the original scan, without the need to create a ReCAP file. You are no longer limited to the use of rcp and rcs files, handles them all. The Plug in Revit, allows, thanks to its fluidity, to accelerate your process of creation. Optimize your workflow, and work more easily on your design projects.

👉To use our Beta Revit Plug in, register directly from viewer :

Join us during our next webinar (19th of may at 8 am (UTC-7, LAX)) to discover how to use's Revit Plug in ->
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