New features in Pointly - Labelling Service Providers pay attention!

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I have made 20-30 posts
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New features in Pointly - Labelling Service Providers pay attention!

Post by Sid Pointly »

We have developed 3 new features in Pointly to make it more useful and easy to use. In this post, we will address the following:

1. Multi-User - share and classify point clouds with the team

2. Tags for point clouds - add custom tags to the point clouds to categorize them

3. Locking Classes - lock and unlock classes

Work together easily with shared projects

With Multi-User in Pointly, it is possible to collaborate within a team of multiple users on a project and the point clouds. By working in parallel within a Multi-User project, it is possible to significantly shorten the classification times and assure quality.

We've updated our Pricing Model for that and added the Annotator Account. The Annotator Account only works in combination with a Professional Account (S, M or L). A Professional Account can add any required number of Annotator Accounts. Annotators can access, view, classify and export point clouds in projects that are shared with them. Annotators can’t upload or delete point clouds and projects.

Check out our pricing page:

Tags for point clouds
Categorize your point clouds

Custom tags for point clouds are free text fields to tag the point cloud and/or comment on the point clouds to categorize them. For example, tag all point clouds that have the same characteristic with the same tag, e.g. “LiDAR”. Custom tags can be added to single or multiple point clouds whenever needed. They can be used to assign tasks to persons, to document a status or to add other meta data to the file.

Tags are searchable, so you can filter the list of point clouds for a specific person, status etc.

Locking Classes

The ability to lock and unlock single classes in Pointly, avoid the risk of overwriting existing classification with a new classification. This feature increase the classification efficiency significantly.

Examples where it's nice to have this feature:

- Locking classes in pre-classified point clouds allows for a jumpstart to start classifying the reminder of needed classes. (E.g. the ground is often pre-classified, now it can stay locked the whole time.)

- Locking classes in classified point clouds allows for a quick finish of the remainder of needed class/es. (E.g. everything but one/more classes is classified, now they can stay locked for the remainder of the classification stage.)

The point cloud in this video was provided by RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems. Thanks!
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