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Introduction to Skand

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Our mission is to create a symbiotic relationship between spatial data, physical assets that enables both domain experts & non-technical users to make informed decisions.
Skand is a software platform that allows users to visualise, analyse, annotate, extract intelligence and share digital representations of physical assets.

Our main focus points are:
1. Spatial data visualisation - access and view your spatial data from CAD to point clouds via our user-friendly web-app.
2. Data Management - Store your data in a secure and cost-effective cloud-based infrastructure.
3. Intelligence & OTT functions & Integrations - We have developed tools and technology such as; 3D annotation, hi-resolution image viewer, clipping tool, layering, point cloud colouring & defect analysis based on machine learning to enhance the value that you can extract from spatial data.

Check out the video below:
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