Matterport Axis for Smart Phone Capture

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Matterport Axis for Smart Phone Capture

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Matterport recently pre-released Matterport Axis for Smart Phone Capture. This device helps you to add consistency to your SPC in the Matterport environment. Would you believe there are over 6 billion smart phones in the world which is over 80% of the population.

This product has many uses for Residential/Commercial Real Estate, Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Public Sector, Insurance and of course AEC. Just in the AEC market with the statistics around SPC this is a great way to capture spaces very cheaply and then collaboratively work with colleagues using the Notes feature in, the use of Notes can be seen here:

This is just a different way of thinking about data capture and collaboration, especially when the majority of people already have the expensive part of the equation in their pocket.

To take advantage of the pre-release price check out but also you can see more on the product here:

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