Best Online Point Cloud Viewer/Collaboration Platform

Please post all your polls you want others opinion on.
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Re: Best Online Point Cloud Viewer/Collaboration Platform

Post by Majid_noori »

Hi Tony,

Have a look at PointSharePlus (
In the recent milestone large 3D model module has been significantly improved (handling Gigabyte size). You can overlay OBJ / PLY models on to your point cloud.

I'd better not to talk about the feature and let yourself to explore.

Here is an example of and underground as-built point cloud and design model (45 million faces).

Also an example of geo-referenced texture mesh generated from drone data.

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Oliver Knoerzer
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I have made 60-70 posts
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Re: Best Online Point Cloud Viewer/Collaboration Platform

Post by Oliver Knoerzer »

c2a wrote: Sat Jun 20, 2020 6:58 pm In our opinion the best is: FARO Scene WebShare

We are not FARO users. But, in going through their demos, FARO has absolutely nailed it with a simple, intuitive presentation of data that's easily navigable by both novices and engineers. Orthographic slices and intuitive navigation (switching between 360° photos and in-cloud) is all done by their brilliant UI/UX designers. The only problem (for us) being WebShare is a closed system and only available to FARO Scene subscribers. While we're using Leica equipment with Cyclone R360 (and we love Leica) but TruView is not a viable solution for our clients.
That post made my day! :D

I’m already excited regarding the next WebShare version. It has some new features that I personally find really cool and I hope our customers will also like them. I can’t say yet when it’s going to be released, though.
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Re: Best Online Point Cloud Viewer/Collaboration Platform

Post by argenisjpn »

You guys should take at look at

We are a startup company that offers cloud-based solutions for 3D digital asset management, such a point clouds and BIM models. Let me break down the main characteristics of JPIV:

1. Visualize large point cloud data sets. We have uploaded a project over 300GB and still works more than properly :D
2. Visualize BIM models with a add-in we developed for Autodesk Navisworks. Everything Navisworks reads, so do we.
3. You can overlay obj and fbx files on the point cloud, and move them around the 3D scene to simulate changes and modifications. You can even change the size and scale of the obj/fbx file.
4. We have an annotation feature that allows users attach files, tag others team members, and make comments.
5. It goes without saying, the software is web-based! so you do not need to download anything besides having a browser.
6. It is compatible with Leica, Z+F, Faro, and NavVis point clouds. it also accepts agnostic formats, such as e57 and las.
8. You can import 360 photos and overlay them with the point cloud and BIM model, giving user a true feeling as if they were actually inside the facility.
9. It also offers the basic stuff, such as measurements, cropping/clipping tool, user permission management, sharing capabilities, and so forth.

This company has been in this industry for quite a long time, and we were surveyors before going into the software development world, so we know all the pain points about how hard is to handle massive 3D data sets. That is why we have developed a solution that works for you all.
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I have made 60-70 posts
I have made 60-70 posts
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Re: Best Online Point Cloud Viewer/Collaboration Platform

Post by kpob46 »

I would also like to throw Bloom Technologies into the ring. Very nice UI, great tools, and isn't biased towards a laser scanning company.
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Re: Best Online Point Cloud Viewer/Collaboration Platform

Post by PatHughes »

There is also a few others worth checking out if you are looking for online data hosting.

4D Mapper

It seems like there is a wide variety here and it would take a long time for someone to trial them all to see which suits their application. If you are going a make a simplified cross checking sheet for features, I'm sure it will be useful as a starting point for people looking for a way to share and collaborate their data sets.
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