Workstation performance improvement recommendations

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Re: Workstation performance improvement recommendations

Post by fobos8 »

asbuiltguys wrote: Mon Sep 06, 2021 9:51 pm My main system is bogging down on some operations. Hoping to upgrade as opposed to a new build. Any recommendations OR other resources would be appreciated.

This is what I have.
Gigabyte Aorus x570i pro motherboard
AMD 7 3800x
2 - Ballistix 16GB DDR4 3200 XMP - total 32GB
Sabrent 1TB Rocket Nvme PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 main drive
Radeon RX590 graphics
It has been a couple of years since I put this together and it seemed pretty fast at the time for 2D drafting compared to my previous workstation. I am not a gamer and have lost touch with what is current. Now I am working with point clouds and some computer-based SLAM processing,

All of the bios settings are set to AUTO.  The stock CPU fan is annoyingly loud and the case has a lot of screens as opposed to solid panels.

Considered options:
New CPU - Ryzen 9 5950x or 5900x - looks like it will work on my motherboard - 2X faster at CPU benchmark
better graphics board - very expensive and hard to find now
Faster RAM
Liquid (quiet) CPU cooler

I prefer not to overclock unless it is easy. Zero experience with this.

Other options?
I process my data in Faro Scene.I used to use a 3700x which is about the same performance as a 3800x. I got a 5950x the day they came out. The performance increase is just amazing. It munches through data at least twice as fast. I use one of the large Noctua fans which most of the time I don't hear. I have it set on a temperature curve so its only spinning fast when the CPU is hot. If you use a mesh type case like a Meshify C by Fractal you'll get great airflow and so the CPU fan doesn't work so fast.
I have made 10-20 posts
I have made 10-20 posts
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Re: Workstation performance improvement recommendations

Post by Pajosh2 »

Hi, it would nice took the time to benchmark PC and let us know the score + how long and big data process.
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