BIM modelling services - experiences

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Re: BIM modelling services - experiences

Post by Mick1978 »

"Good - I have had Sergio frem to make a couple of Revit drawings, with very good experience! Sergio and his team is firm, do a lot of qualitychecking and deliver on time."

I have to second that on We gave them some work on a very tight schedule with completely new set of design standards and they did an excellent job. I couldn't recommend them more!
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Re: BIM modelling services - experiences

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Dear sir,

Hope your doing well...!!!


We V5 virtual design construction BIM Consulting service provider partner with Organization in India and 80+ overseas countries providing Overall BIM Services based on requirement,

We also work on Multiple services using various software platforms to support our partnering companies all over the globe. Some of the below mentioned services are our expertise.

2D to BIM
Scan to BIM
Scan to Cyclone Modeling ( O&G)
Animation & Rendering

Can we get your appointment for meeting and discuss any opportunity which we can help you in any Discipline Under BIM platform.

We do charge normally as per the market standards usually as 08 - 10 USD for all our works.also we provide Visualization video as a complimentary

Looking forward to get appointment, We too happy to invite you to our place to discuss about the future opportunities to collaboration.

Plese cheack out my company website for more details thank you
[email protected]


Maruti L
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Re: BIM modelling services - experiences

Post by Mike Annear »

The irony is that I get bombarded with emails and phone calls from India offering modelling services... I am a modeller, just look at my website.
Their modelling skills have actually been very good for my own business recently, I get sent work from their clients for checking of feature extraction etc, or for redoing the modelling work from scratch.
Mike Annear
QLD, Australia.
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Re: BIM modelling services - experiences

Post by nguyen »

Hello there,

Some of our clients also share their pain points when working with other outsourcing providers. We understand and so we focus on high-quality and commitment. We're a Vietnam-based company and providing BIM services for the UK, US, AUS clients for over 5 years. All of our clients are happy with what they paid thanks to the quality and affordable prices.

You can see the projects that we implemented for the client here: ... edium=post
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ViBIM - Specialize in Scan to BIM services
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Re: BIM modelling services - experiences

Post by Inndovance »

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is rising as an innovative way to manage projects, BIM expedites collaboration within stakeholders, which will lead to improved profitability, reduced costs, better time management, and improved client relationship. BIM not only allows design and construction teams to work more efficiently, but it allows them to obtain the data they generate during the process to gain from operational and maintenance activities.

The global AEC industry must look for intelligent, productive, and progressive ways to design and build not just as a means to keep up with global demand but to help create spaces that are smarter and more flexible.

Cost and time restrictions, a scarcity of trained individuals with a comprehensive understanding of BIM, and the infrastructure and technology required for these services are all major issues for many businesses. When in-house services become unmanageable, outsourcing BIM services, especially Revit model development and family creation, makes sense.

Here are some advantages associates with CAD Outsourcing services
• Cost-Benefit
• Access to global talent
• Scalability
• Quicker Turn-Around Time
• 24-hour work cycle
• Integration with offsite team
• Zero Setup cost
• Focus on core competency

Indovance Inc delivers a full range of BIM modeling projects. We work on parametric family creation, model creation for all LOD (Level of Detail), 4D, 5D, and 6D support, and model phasing, as well. We also provide complete support for CAD to BIM, point cloud to BIM conversions, and PDF to BIM conversions.

GO BIG with BIM with a Specialized CAD Partner
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Re: BIM modelling services - experiences

Post by JNally »

MalteHC wrote: Thu Sep 06, 2018 7:40 am Bad - Magnasoft! didnt care about the quality. Showed me refrences and promised to deliver something simmilar (which they didnt) and used 4 times as long, as they calculated. THeir project maneger went home for christmas, turned off his phone and didnt deliver the job. They cost me an important customer.
I had a good laugh when i saw the name Magnasoft. They were Brutal for us a few years back, and worse thing that ever happened was them getting our office number, we would get calls from them and other "sub" companies of theirs trying to do work.
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Re: BIM modelling services - experiences

Post by GCFdesign »


Gary Fellows


GCF Design Limited
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Re: BIM modelling services - experiences


There are very few I would ever trust. And unless you can meet them face to face there is little purpose. Also regionally never mind internationally, the expectations are so different. Especially when it comes to your PDF and BlueBeam versions. To outsource requires huge effort. I worked for a company back in the day, and we went over to a country, set-up 2 offices with valid CAD licenses, computers and plotters, plus had one of our managers who was originally from said country, go there to manage operations. At best I'd say we got back a 60% product and the necessary QA/QC time far exceeded what would have been required internally to just do the work.

That being said, over the years, I have developed some working relationships at conferences and in person, where we do trust the results and get back a suitable product. But developing those relationships takes time. Also be cautious of certain operators that the first few projects seem really reasonable on time... And yes they have a cheap hourly rate, but as time progresses, just watch those hours multiply... A project that originally took only 20 hours, they are now invoicing and charging 80 hours on...

Basically you need have a beer with them. Look them in the eye and develop the relationship. Those that just pester with emails, LinkedIn messages, phone calls and the rest of it, are probably not going to do any good for you.

Look in your own neighborhood and network first. Work with referrals from associates you trust.

Even between Canada and the US we have very different expectations and way of doing business. Me personally I am still waiting on a 5 figure invoice to be paid from neighbors to the south, that were a name referral... Even to the point I have simply asked them to re- reimbursed Plane tickets and direct costs... Given up on even trying to be paid for man hours... So enter any relationships outside of your region with very cautious eyes. That said, we have some amazing clients from the south of us, that pay promptly and never have an issue with. FYI. Been Radio Silence since we sent cost breakdowns... Really nice... LOL...
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