Alternative to Riegl RiCOPTER for VUX-1UAV

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Alternative to Riegl RiCOPTER for VUX-1UAV

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has somebody used another UAV platform to Riegl RiCOPTER for mount VUX-1UAV? Looking for your experiences.
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Re: Alternative to Riegl RiCOPTER for VUX-1UAV

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I don't now if you already found a solution.
But we have been using Avartel Boxer Hybrid for a year now, with VUX-1UAV.

Avartek is a Finnish company, they have produced target drones / fixed wings for Finnish Armed Forces since 1968 and have moved also to civilian sector in recent years.

Boxer Hybrid has a gas powered generator which makes power to the electric motors.

With VUX-1UAV and Sony Alpha 6000 camera, we can get easily about 45-50 min flight time, without camera even more.
In pure photogrammetry use (with Nikon D800 camera) the flight time is probably around 2,5 hours (depenging on the conditions, of course).

I'm not expert with the stuff related to drones (I just process point clouds 8-) ), but we have been very satisfied with the Boxer.
The biggest advantage is of course the way longer filght time compared to Ricopter.
And between consecutive flights, you only have to fill the tanks, no changing and charging batteries.
According to my boss, it was also a lot cheaper than RiCopter.

For us, the big advantage is also that it's a Finnish company and their office is not far away from us :D
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