Fully automated point cloud classification using only a web-browser

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Fully automated point cloud classification using only a web-browser

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Hi Everyone,

I would like to share this post show how effortless a point cloud classification process can be, using only a web-browser in a fully automated manner:

One of the greatest tools of our pointer web-platform is that you can fully automatically classify your LiDAR datasets. Our newest AI technologies give the GeoSignum Web-Platform users the ability to classify objects such as ground, low/medium/high vegetation, buildings, water, road surfaces, curbs, rooftops, streetlights and much more. Please take a look at the attached video.

The steps you have to take? Upload your pointcloud dataset, make a new project and select classification groups. Thats all you need and there is no need any manual effort what so ever.

Please let me know if you any questions,
Visit here for more examples: https://geosignum.com/
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