Topographic Contours Maps - Best Software?

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Justin Richards
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Topographic Contours Maps - Best Software?

Post by Justin Richards »

I'm looking for good alternatives to the Rithm Builder for SCENE. I like Builder, but one of the two licenses we have is broken. As finicky as the licenses are I would like to find something else that would produce similar deliverables.
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Re: Topographic Contours Maps - Best Software?

Post by badam »

i usually use cloud compare for this kind of work.

you can use the rasterize tool, and after that you can add text/colorize with autocad lisp.
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Bohdan gutnyk
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Re: Topographic Contours Maps - Best Software?

Post by Bohdan gutnyk »

I would recommend trying to do it in Autodesk Civil 3D.
A little practice and you will get even better results.

Here is a good video with an approximate workflow ... eytonHatch
The first part about cleaning the pointcloud is done in the video using the Leica Cloudworx plugin, but the same grid of points can be obtained in Cloudcompare and the Rasterize function.

A report with a heat map or horizontals can also be customized in the topographic surface properties in Civil3d.

If you need more detailed instructions on civil3d, write to me and I will be happy to record a video for you!
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Re: Topographic Contours Maps - Best Software?

Post by smacl »

Excuse promoting my own product here, but there are a ton of contouring and heat-map tools in SCC, couple of examples below. Let me know if you'd like a 30 day demo license to play with. I'd guess that most major point cloud processing packages support contouring and heat maps at this stage so maybe try a few that you like the look of that fit your budget.
Shane MacLaughlin
Atlas Computers Ltd

SCC Point Cloud module
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