Setting a price for Reality Capture

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Setting a price for Reality Capture

Post by b_clive »

Dear all,

This might be quite an open-ended question, but I would really like to get an idea of what others are charging when it comes to reality capture.

As a bit of background, I am a land surveyor and have been working in the same company for the past 17 years. I am in the process of going freelance and would like to focus on reality capture. I have been working with point clouds for the past 10 years and have since developed a structure whereby I introduce the scanning process in almost every job. I realized that it was more beneficial than traditional surveying methods. Scanning a site every time allows you to keep a timeline of every project. When in doubt, one can always refer back to the previous scans to verify any queries or misinterpretations encountered during the lifespan of a project. With the introduction of cloud-to-cloud registration, this approach has become even easier. Moreover, with a blk360, you can finish the site work in 1/3 of the time. So, I see no other option now but to focus on reality capture.

The problem is that here in our country, most of our clients are still working with traditional 2D plans, sections, and elevations. I have been struggling for quite a while to try and introduce them to the point cloud method. Having said that, I always found it difficult to set a price tag for a point cloud for a project.

Our usual rate for traditional surveying methods ranges from 55 to 75 euros per hour. So, I have always kept that in mind when quoting. A typical house would take us 2 hours of site work, another 2 to process the data in lgs format, and then say 14 hours to produce all the 2D deliverables requested, with the total price ranging from 990 to 1350 euros.

What would you quote if the client now requested the point cloud as a deliverable for something like this?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Setting a price for Reality Capture

Post by Attila »

I calculate a little differently than you, but the result is about the same.
For me, the engineer's day that I start counts as the whole engineer's day, because I can hardly do anything else on that day. 450 euro/day. Office work is 310 euro/day.
Total 1070 euro
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Re: Setting a price for Reality Capture

Post by LPaulCook »

Your hourly rate may be off IDK but i do know your company hourly rate should be from 2.5 to 4 times what it pays billable employees. This is true for a one person firm as well as a 100 + person firm. As there will always be unbillable functions and employee benefits such as vacations, holidays retirement funds and sales, contract prep, filing bookkeeping etc etc.

Then, scanning fees, in my humble opinion should given as a fixed fee with stated "assumptions". What the fixed fee should be considered is estimated time times your hourly rate. Then guess at what your competition may bid. Then consider how much you want the job and lastly consider what its worth to the client.

Then pick the right # from those possibilities.

I hope that's helpful.
L. Paul Cook, PLS
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