Reverse Engineer Pipe

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Reverse Engineer Pipe

Post by JebbersWA »

First post here, so please be gentle, I'm still learning a lot very quickly.

I'm in a new job and part of that job is to get the Trimble X9 they have here up and running to scan pipes and pressure vessels and reverse engineer them to create designs for the reproduction of replacement parts. I'm about as green as they come, I have an extensive IT background and have managed to get my head around Realworks quickly and have scanned the pipes, registered them and isolated the point cloud to the specific parts required. I've imported the point clouds into both AutoCAD and AutoCAD Plant 3D but have hit a wall there. My autoCAD skills are basic and I'm working on building those up too, but it seems like doing these drawings manually based off the point cloud would be a little inefficient and prone to errors.

From looking around Faro As-Built might offer a good solution for me to quickly create design drawings for the parts with a more automated workflow. Is there anyone on here doing this and am I heading in the right direction? Or should I be using something totally different?

Thanks - from the newbie.
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