Digital Doubles for 3D Animation

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Digital Doubles for 3D Animation

Post by dirdim »

Here is a link to an overview of a recent project about using 3D scanning and imaging to create an accurate fully digital "double" of a football player, sorry - American football player...

Thought this would be of interest in this forum.

Football Player Digital Double
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Re: Digital Doubles for 3D Animation

Post by Sean Varney »

I have scanned a few human subjects and every subject is different and
every project has different needs.
No joke form Wolf-men (see film out soon) to Children See *Children of men" Film - yes that baby is CG.

So I have to ask a few things

1: Why did you go with not use a full body scanner?
I see its arms are supported to stop movement
a body scanner like Cyberwares or Eyetronics would have removed the problems matching moved data.

2: What in fact did you hand over to the Animation team as the final model,
One hole model or parts located etc
texture forms etc
mapped texture etc
CG scene etc

3: Did they stick with you meshing?
Poly or mesh modelling for Animation is an art, 9 times out of 10 the Animation team will re-mesh the model
to fit there CG pipeline and Animation style, its hard to see your lovingly meshed model ripped apart but when it makes the Animation work you just have to let it happen. Some times your better off just handing over located parts.

4: LOD - level of detail is low was that asked for or a result if how you scanned the subject.
I know a lot of Animators get up set when you hand them a 50,000,0000 poly model heheh.

5: In real time how long did it take from subject coming in the door to hand off of model in man hours.
I ask this because because In the film and TV world its broken down into Scanning and modelling as separate billing items.

Sean V

Sean Varney
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Re: Digital Doubles for 3D Animation

Post by ValeryS »

This is a great opportunity, digital doubles in 3D animation is an innovative technology that allows you to create exact digital replicas of real objects or characters for use in animation and special effects. These digital doubles can be created with a high level of detail, including textures, animation and behavior, so that they look and behave just like their real-life counterparts.
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