Can I use coordinate in RECAP or AUTOCAD?

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Re: Can I use coordinate in RECAP or AUTOCAD?

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Leandre Robitaille wrote: Tue Jan 16, 2024 3:58 pm I would first identify the rotation. Since the rotation center will vary from autocad and recap. Then apply that rotation to the recap file by updating origin. Im not certain how rotation works you might have to do a few test (maybe its 360- value). Rotation will be from the Z axis only.
Once rotation is done, save rcp and reinsert in autocad
Apply translation, no rotations.
Note the delta X/Y values and apply those the the origin in recap.
Note that recap asks you to "update origin", so to move -1000x -2000y you have to do the oposite to the origin, so input 1000x and 2000y in the toolbox in recap.

Reinsert in autocad see if it fits.

I wouldnt recommend doing this as it wouldnt br as accurate as a proper survey with controls. But this is a way to do it. As for elevations you could try similar with a known elevation on your drawing.
Are the coordinates most people use to orient their point clouds based on the civil survey?
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