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Re: Drone Images processing software

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ScottErnst wrote: Tue Nov 28, 2023 2:57 pm We have one project completing daily flights with a WingtraONE Gen 2, and considering every flight covers 300+ acres and about 2000 images (each image is ~45MP), that's a lot of data to process and store, so Propeller works really well for our needs. Definitely not the cheapest though :lol: .

I'm curious as to how you meet VLOS rules while doing 300ac flights. Is the WingtraONE big enough to see over those distances or have you gotten a waiver? I'm flying a Mavic2, which is of course much smaller, and I'm finding that I can only see it on approximately 20ac flights.
So this site it out in the country side where there's only about 30'-50' of overall elevation change throughout the site, so there's nothing preventing line of site no matter where the drone is at (it typically flys around 350' AGL). Other than a couple of telephone/power lines which are only like 40' above ground, there aren't any vertical structures preventing line of site as well. There's equipment and eventually crawler cranes on site, but nothing for the time being.

That all said, from one corner to the other corner of the site, it's something like ~8000' across. The workflow for that team is they take off the drone from the approximate center of the site so the PIC, has a full 360 view of the project. The wingtra is bright orange and considerably larger than the Mavic drones, so as long as it's a clear day, it's actually fairly easy to maintain line of site with the drone and monitor it's flight path (from the center of the project), though it does get small when on the extreme extents of the site boundary. With every flight though, we do have a visual observer that has a side by side and drives around the perimeter of the site and works with the PIC and a radio to notify them if anything out of the normal starts happening. With my Mavic 3E, while it is much tougher to see compared to our Wingtra's, I can still pick it out in the sky when it's around 2500' away, but that can change depending on the sky and lighting.

As a company, we do have a variety of waivers through the FAA that allow us to fly over people/operations. Depending on the job location, requirements, air space authorizations, etc. we routinely appply and get additional waivers as needed for the specific task at hand.
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