What specs for new build using geomagic?

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What specs for new build using geomagic?

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I have a setup with a handheld scanner - Einscan HX. I have generated a large point cloud from the laptop that scans fine, but when it comes to processing, I need to move it over to a machine with more RAM.

Seeing as I'm building a desktop to handle the processing of the scans, I'm looking at the below specs mainly:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7950X3D
RAM: 128GB RAM - DDR5 5600
SSD: 2 x Samsung 980 Pro
GPU: Currently own an AMD 6800XT - my scans are done with a laptop Nvidia 4060 which need the cuda cores. Wondering what the benefits of changing to Nvidia on the desktop will be. Is a 4080 or 4090 overkill for processing mesh?
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