Apple lidar data

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Re: Apple lidar data

Post by landmeterbeuckx »

sim.herrod wrote: Fri Jan 06, 2023 3:19 pm We use Polycam for this kind of quick and dirty job.

No need for an iPhone, works on Android too.

You can use Lidar(if you have it), still images, or video.

If you include a scale bar or something of a known length there is a Rescale function that gets you about as close as you would trust a phone-based to get you.

This was a 5 minute effort from a site visit... ... 9ED197E16F

Thanks Sim for the tip.

I've installed it on my tablet and have done a small statue my eldest son has made. ... 5ad8c06427
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Re: Apple lidar data

Post by cahern3d »

I highly recommend Dot3D for accurate, scalable, dense color point cloud scanning from iOS LiDAR devices.

Please see here for various sample data sets from Dot3D on iOS: ... 8cbb7e5dd0

You may download the full density point cloud data directly from the descriptions of each scan on Sketchfab.

Download Dot3D for iOS:

Dot3D for iOS Tutorial Video:
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Re: Apple lidar data-Android and polycam

Post by gsisman »

Has anyone tried polycam with lidar on an iPad pro?
I was using polycam for about 7 months on a home project and was pretty impressed with it especially for a special small circular photo shoots only mesh creations -had to be careful on like whole room sections.
Here was a scan I did of a 20 lb chunk of solid iron I found weighting down some wire mesh plaster patch in my attic ceiling.Probably from about 1930's ?
Still don't know exactly what it was cut from at first I thought it was an anvil but I think it might be some type of industrial rail from a factory? ... d715fba8c
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