Most accurate lidar scanner

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Re: Most accurate lidar scanner

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EDF-Lyon wrote: Thu Jun 29, 2023 8:44 am Hi everyone,

I work in very big construction site, and I need the most accurate UAV avalable on the market, no matter the price. I want to have a 3D view every week on the whole site aera, to see the evolutions of the concrete work. (wall, slab...). data will be send to the engineering office at another place.

I want the best accuracy and resolution for something like that :


I think a UAV is the best and fastest solution for that. Terrestrial scan will be to slow and not very safe for people in that condition.

Witch UAV and sensor can you recomand ?


(sorry for my bad english !)
What I have seen for other projects were cameras mounted on the cranes.
Due to the movement of the cranes you can take pictures from different locations (more or less automatically if you like).
And then do some photogrammetry.
If you have markers on the ground measured with GPS you get a scale and voila.
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Re: Most accurate lidar scanner

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Only LiDAR combining with photogrammetry will be accurate!
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Re: Most accurate lidar scanner

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I would reach out to companies that integrate these technologies for a living, like lidarusa, phoenix lidar or yellowscan.

To just say "but this one!" without understanding what the requirement actually is, how the imu works with the gnss, if the lidar is adequate for the application (ie, range, speed of flight, profiler...) is erroneous and risky. How things work together, what the office workflow looks like...
it's like people ask for an opinion on cars, and someone shouts out: Michelin Hard coumpond C1 tires!! :) Take a step back, assess the situation.

my experience tells me that having a conversation with the these types of companies will illuminate on a lot of assumptions.

my two cents.
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