What do you use PolyWorks For?

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I have made 40-50 posts
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What do you use PolyWorks For?

Post by dschroder »

Just curious what everybody else on the forum uses PolyWorks for in their own line of work(or if you do it for fun)?

I feel that I am the minority here using it for small part inspection and some reverse engineering. I spend a lot of my time in IMInspect for comparing back to CAD models and also measuring features that would be difficult with conventional tools. I also use IMEdit to create NURBS of profiles or sketches of mechanical features.

I know there is much more that it PolyWorks is capable of that I never see, just wondering what the average LSF goer uses most often.
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Dave Andrews
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Re: What do you use PolyWorks For?

Post by Dave Andrews »

I use it for tanks and checking the occasional fitting of scans. sometimes I will scan an intersection or something and I will use the polyline extract features. I have also used it for centerline tracking of pipe.

We use it mostly for our Laser Trackers and it is great once you figure it all out.

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I have made 10-20 posts
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Re: What do you use PolyWorks For?

Post by drewk1 »

Scanning Aluminium castings and comparing to CAD mainly.
Sometimes scanning patterns and the occasional reverse engineering job.

Nothing too exciting, just ImInspect stuff.
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I have made 10-20 posts
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Re: What do you use PolyWorks For?

Post by 3D_scan_dude »

PolyWorks is great with my HandySCAN for part inspection! It has all of the tools to do everything we need to do. We do reverse engineering and part inspection for aircraft MRO.
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Re: What do you use PolyWorks For?

Post by eccs19 »

I work in a stamping facility and I mainly use it for comparing replacement die blocks that come in and compare the scans to CAD. Also we receive a lot of dies that don't have any CAD for them, so I use a combination of VX Elements (for scanning), Polyworks for scan analysis, then Catia for doing the reverse engineering. IMO, Polyworks is great for this except for the Modeler part of it. It's great for getting polylines, etc, but horrible for freeform surfaces that need to be replicated. I lately have been using VX Model for freeform surfaces. Much easier and better matching for freeform surfaces.
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