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I have made 90-100 posts
I have made 90-100 posts
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Re: RIEGL VZ600i

Post by kpob46 »

Just curious if anyone in here has received their VZ600i yet? My order went through in March 2023 was was told I was in the queue, but delivery likely won't be until October/November 2023.
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Re: RIEGL VZ600i

Post by dhirota »

Since only three people have responded to this thread in the last 3 days, less than 100 member views and a total of 10,000+ views of members + guests as of today to check out something of interest.
dhirota wrote: Mon May 22, 2023 4:29 am It has been interesting to track this thread for the last several months, with more than 9,400+ total views as of today. Since I track the number of views of both members and guests from my threads, I am trying to figure out what guests are trying to learn since from this thread one of the most important reasons of using a Riegl VZi system has not been mentioned, Riegl's power management. .....

We are currently using 2 each (1.4 lbs each, hot-swappable 98Wh Lithium batteries) with our VZ400i to power it for 4 hours of scanning (approximately 100 to 200 scan positions). The important function of these Lithium batteries is the ability to discharge/recharge them 2,000 cycles.
dhirota wrote: Tue May 23, 2023 3:18 am
dhirota wrote: Mon Apr 10, 2023 7:23 pm It is supposed to be L1/L2 and should support 4 major constellations. It is Part No. HW-VZI-06-006-00 shown below. You need to check with your country's base station, I am assuming it will work.


We have used the Riegl L1 antenna on our VZ400i and have received GPS, GLONASS in our area, which results in 10 to15 satellites. To receive better response with Reigl RTK you need the 4 major constellations. If you have a GNSS sensor that receives the 4 constellations already, you are not going to save anything, unless you can sell it for more than the cost of the Riegl GNSS sensor or use it as GNSS unit for land surveying as we are doing.
We received the above pictured dual frequency Riegl antenna today, but unfortunately could not get it to work correctly with our Trimble NetR9 base station + our Intuicom RTK Bridge-X. If anyone has their Riegl dual frequency antenna talking with a Trimble base station + an Intuicom RTK Bridge-X, I would interested in learning the configuration.

Speaking with some of our Trimble friends, they indicated that there may be problems with the UBLOX antenna and the Trimble base, which we need to check.
I got the Riegl NTRIP RTK working. Fortunately, RieglUSA support sent me the Riegl 2018 GNSS manual that I read last night and reconfigured the gnss file for the dual frequency Riegl antenna into our Trimble base station. The manual was dated 2018 and the 2020 version was basically worthless. Riegl needs to update both into a current version that works.

Part of the success was getting a friend from Trimble to reconfigure our base station into a NTRIP setup in 30 minutes with the right free tools.

Riegl needs to document all these examples to make life easier for their current and future customers. The example in their manual for this Riegl RTK antenna does not work with a Trimble base station consisting of a Trimble NetR9 unless it is running NTRIP as the manual indicates and the configuration file has some changes.

There seems to be a problem with the display only showing 12 satellites, rather than the 25 observed today.


The 3D accuracy of 17.6mm is good since this was taken from our parking lot which is surrounded by urban canyons of HNL urban core as seen in the background.
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