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rtc360 newbie

Post by nickx »

hi all,
I am a draftsman for a construction company and was privileged to work with a leica rtc360 scanner for our scan jobs at site.
I would like to know some best practices on obtaining quality scans as I a am quite new with the process and the ones before me doing the scans
haven't got enough time to provided intense training due to other commitments, and they have been transferred to other sites
I have gone through the leica myworld portal video tutorials and would like some real world inputs.

Also working my way through the cylone register 360 and encountered an issue where i cant seem to drag files to the import area
(seems really odd) was thinking if others encounter this issue as well?
Any input is greatly appreciated :P
Thank you
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Re: rtc360 newbie

Post by pburrows145 »

There's some good videos built into Cyclone REGISTER 360+ also... did you review these?

As for the drag and drop error... are you dragging the folder containing the whole project? (Because you need to)
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Justin Richards
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Re: rtc360 newbie

Post by Justin Richards »

Scan with the scanner as level as you can and make sure you get good scans going through doors, that could be scanning under doorway or scanning on both sides of it.
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Re: rtc360 newbie

Post by D.Arm »

Hi Nick

If you got some time, i can have a web meeting (zoom, teams, whatever) to go over the process with you. Send me a PM and I can set you up. No charge.

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