Cyclone 3DR Free Viewer - EID Never Sent

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Cyclone 3DR Free Viewer - EID Never Sent

Post by Kruse »

I'm trying to test out the free viewer for 3DR and I can't get an EID for the viewer. Not sure if the email with the info is not being sent from Leica (through their automated system) or our email server is blocking them for some reason, but I'm just curious to see if there is anyone out there that can help me get a hold of an EID for the viewer app.

Thanks in advance!
Nicolas L
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Re: Cyclone 3DR Free Viewer - EID Never Sent

Post by Nicolas L »


I provide you with an EID by private message.


Nicolas L
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Re: Cyclone 3DR Free Viewer - EID Never Sent

Post by FrancoCL2 »


First of all, I'm not sure if this question goes here, but it's related to this topic so I thought that it could be good to post it here.

I've used the form in Leica website to ask for an EID to Cyclone 3DR Viewer, but the one that they send me says that it's activated on another computer.
Can you help me with this ?

Thanks. Regards,
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