Image & Annotation Export?

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Image & Annotation Export?

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I am working with the latest version of Trimble realworks, and have a couple quick questions:

1) Has anyone has found a quick way to make use of the image location files that are created when exporting orthophotos? They contain the coordinates for all four corners of the image, but I am working with hundreds of these and would like to streamline the effort - does nayone know how to convert these images into a world file?

2) Is there a way to export annotations as a poitn file? I would like to import annotation positions into AutoCAD, possible as points, but I have not been successful. The coordinate information can be found in several reports, but it seems cumbersome to manually extract each position. Any ideas appreciated!

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Re: Image & Annotation Export?

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Hi Charan

I would need to do more homework on the TFW. But given the difference between Realworks operating in local coords and TFW referring to UTM Grid Zones, i think its a challenge. Yes you can bring in UTM style coords (as in lots of digits) to Realworks, but it wont know anything about gridding.
Perhaps for a Nadir you can just assume 0 rotation, but anything else im not sure how you would get the right info to handle the rotation lines of a TFW.

As to exporting annotations, best i've found is in production, go to measurement, xyz point, click on annotation. This 3D point can be saved, then exported via Export Measurements. Your basically duplicating but loses any attributes/images sadly.
This would be very helpful for many of us (as would the same option from Perspective), so id suggest contacting your local Trimble dealer and asking them to lodge a feature enhancement request
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