Help for Z+F 5010 new user

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Help for Z+F 5010 new user

Post by mksaoudi »


We are a surveying company from Morocco and we bought a "used" Z+F IMAGER 5010. His package contain the following items :
-The laser scanner (serial number : 3246)
-One charger
-Two batteries (+ cables)

In ordre to make this device completely operational, we need please the following informations :
- What are the softwares that can be used for the registration (Z+F or not)
- What are the cameras compatible with this device (there is the M-Cam...what else ?)
- Will we need any other accessory to complete the workflow
- Any idea about the prices of the items above
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Peyman Bashiri
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Re: Help for Z+F 5010 new user

Post by Peyman Bashiri »

Z+F control ver 8.0 works fine with 5010. You wont need the latest that comes with ZF5016.
A Gigapan pano head with a camera equipped with a 20 mm lens is fine for the imaging and Z+F control can make the color scan
Not sure how familiar you are with laser scanning but you may need some targets too.
Please let me know if you need any assistance with the above.
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Re: Help for Z+F 5010 new user

Post by clf »

Dear mksaoudi

as the scanner was sold originally to Italy we are wondering how it came to you ? Of course we are taking care of all our scanners and can calibrate it. Can you please reply to [email protected] (Christoph Froehlich) and I will respond and show you how we move on. A scanner must work, this is our main goal !

Best regards
Christoph Froehlich
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Re: Help for Z+F 5010 new user

Post by NOVAMECH »

Z+F are the best scanners on the market. Repack your batteries. Get scanning
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Re: Help for Z+F 5010 new user

Post by Leonid »

I do not know how appropriate the answer to your question is, but you can use Recap 360 to register scans, leica register 360 and trimble realworks. ;)
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