Faro case mod to support a tribrach

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Faro case mod to support a tribrach

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Hey everyone!

We just did a small edit to our faro cases so it can support a tribrach. Our previous way of carying our tribrach was lackluster and this is a much more ergonomic solution.
Basically cut out piece #3 straight down. Remove that piece and keep it for later. Have the plate of the tribrach always face that way because of the hard surface. Cut out roughly 7-10mm of the piece number 2, just eye ball it with your tribrach. Remove piece 1, just discard it. You will see a large foam at the bottom #4, cut it out, it is about 1 inch thick, in some cases its a little glued there some not, we just rip it out. Reuse piece #3 and reshape it so it becomes the new bottom, you need that headroom/height so the tribrach fits better.
Then have 1 battery in the scanner, one on the side. We can fit both cables in the same area at the bottom left. Add your tribrach adapter to the battery slots, no mods needed here, at least for the adapter we use : https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07Q79WLZN


Hope this can bring inspiration to some of you out there ;)
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