Guidelines for printed paper targets

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Re: Guidelines for printed paper targets

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I agree, Target Mill program is cheap and very simple to use.
I agree that shooting straight on at a checkard target often causes washout.
I also agree that targets should only be printed on a laser printer and never on an ink jet printer.
I add that if you can "see" where the center of the target is then just pick a point there and rename it the target name.
I've had good luck with targets I printed at FedEx. I even had the print a 3'x4' checked target on coragated pvc white 1/4" thich. I picked that big target up 700' away. The coordinates scanned matched my Leica T16 1" coordinates within 0.05'
or better.
I also use white tape to stick them directly on control points in the pavement or sidewalks. Saves shooting them up to the side of a wall etc.

Good luck!
L. Paul Cook, PLS
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Re: Guidelines for printed paper targets

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Augusto 3D wrote: Sat Jan 21, 2023 3:56 am I wonder if the paper has an inpact also.
I tried printing in black and white and I am getting mixed results.
Yes the paper has an effect, since the paper is the "white part" of the target.
Augusto 3D wrote: Sat Jan 21, 2023 3:56 am I thought that you wanted to scan targers at "straight on, or head on", as possible.

Are you guys saying that the laser is creating too much glare?
Depending on the scanner it does, I have seen a lot of scans where the head on, incidence=0° targets are just white empty spots of reflectance.
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