Repair without Faro

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I have made 40-50 posts
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Repair without Faro

Post by charlesdab »

Hi there. Is there a place to get a Faro x130 repaired that doesn't involve sending it back to Faro?

I was able to get my hands onto a "totaled" unit that was being deaccesioned by a larger company. The only catch is it didn't come with Faro Asset Transfer paperwork.

Of course Faro won't service the unit without that paperwork. I wasn't sure if there were some other avenues to explore?

Or do I need to did another totaled scanner with paperwork? 😅
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Re: Repair without Faro

Post by tbwester »

Not that I know of.

Its pretty easy to transfer the asset. But you need both parties to sign.
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Re: Repair without Faro

Post by Cooksta13 »

Did you manage to find a repair company? My S120 is now end of life and Faro won't touch it.
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