looking for new PC

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looking for new PC

Post by Shahar10 »

Hello !

I'm looking for new PC to process and register in FARO scene.

What Hardware you recommend for that?
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Jason Warren
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Re: looking for new PC

Post by Jason Warren »

Please take a look at the thread viewtopic.php?t=10388... ;)
Jason Warren

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Leandre Robitaille
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Re: looking for new PC

Post by Leandre Robitaille »

The thread Jason shared dates from 2021 so I will just let you know what I think you should get in 2023:

CPU : Get a 13900k from intel for CPU. You want the fastest single core as possible over multithread, no need to go for Threadripper, the 13900k has a very respectable multithread speed for a fraction of the price of threadripper.
**note that the single thread speed is the most important thing for Scene, everything else(ram speed, gpu, ssd speed, multi thread, etc) is second.

RAM : Max what the CPU allows, hence get 128gb of ram. Get the fastest ram your budget allows, ECC as well if possible (its supported)

: Get a random graphic card. Don't need much GPU for Scene or anything TLS pointcloud related. If you want to stay in the professional line up get a RTX 4000 Quadro

: Normally I would say get a raid0 of 4x2tb nvme with the nvme raid adapter, but the 13900k only has 20 PCI lanes. Hence aim more toward a dual nvme setup (make sure your motherboard has at least 2 on board m.2 nvme);
a 2tb nvme ssd for local C: (windows + softwares)
and a second nvme ssd of 4tb (data) for projects.

A built like this should be reasonably affordable. You will have to pick the parts for the case/motherboard/cooling but maybe just let your IT team know the key components you want, as the ones I stated above, and they will fill in the blanks. Otherwise I would look into https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ and built it from there, this website allows you to check for compatibility issues.

I went and built one quickly for fun and it came up to 5120.40 Canadian $ (or if I look up USD its $3769.86)
I would honestly involve your IT team for this however, you will have to shop for the best deal for your country, pc partpicker lets you know where to buy and the best price for each parts, most the parts I picked are not available for Israel. The pcpartpicker website might not have access to all the local places where you can buy pc parts in your country, hence why involving your IT team is a good idea.
I tried building one for Israel but I couldn't find a power supply (might be some law blocking this) and I had to change a lot of the components to even be able to have a working pc https://il.pcpartpicker.com/list/VQXV8r
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Re: looking for new PC

Post by dmanning »

I think the 13900ks just got released. I'd go with that. Get a ddr4 motherboard with 64-128gb of RAM. A 3070 would be totally adequate. If you build yourself you can do it for around $2k.
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