Locked Database - Error "Waiting for Shared Resource"

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Locked Database - Error "Waiting for Shared Resource"

Post by Geostudio »

Hello, everyone,
we are having problems with the Cyclone Core v. 2022.1. Currently, with a job of about 250 scans (performed with P20-RTC360-RTC360LT), after registering and georeferencing, we cannot perform any operation, such as "delete in/out fence", because it immediately gives us the error "Waiting for Shared Resource". By any operation I also mean 'Optimise' or 'Remove Database'. What can we do to solve this problem?
Thank you all for your help
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Re: Locked Database - Error "Waiting for Shared Resource"

Post by smacl »

Not a Cyclone user, but shared resources are typically either local files, network files, disk space or memory. First thing I'd do is reboot your system, clear down your temporary files folders and try again. Then check you have plenty of disk space in your project and temporary files hard drives.
Following that, I'd look for any files that have been modified since Cyclone was working properly, back them somewhere safe and delete them.

If none of that works, there's always tech support... :D

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Re: Locked Database - Error "Waiting for Shared Resource"

Post by badam »

Based on reg360 it might be filehandle limit but 250 scans seems not too many to be an issue. Maybe your it infrastructure has some strict filehandles limit.

If it is on network drive make sure there are no others who is locked the db. Maybe there is a lock file after a crash? Try to delete/rename it)
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Re: Locked Database - Error "Waiting for Shared Resource"

Post by tmad »

It can also occur because of the registration itself or a referring model space is opened.
If its possible without data loss just force quit the app and restart your working station.
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