Recon-3D, Accurate iPhone Data for Forensics

Discuss all aspects of Recon-3D [R3D] here. Accurate Data for Forensic Investigations.
I have made 60-70 posts
I have made 60-70 posts
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Re: Recon-3D, Accurate iPhone Data for Forensics

Post by Attila »

Jeep Renegade? :D
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I have made 50-60 posts
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Re: Recon-3D, Accurate iPhone Data for Forensics

Post by virtuoso »

just now seen this topic.. I have an Iphone 13 Pro. I think, lidar and cameras specs are the same if I'm not wrong.. Have you tried merging pointcloud with software that you're using for normal scanner?

We are using RTC 360 from Leica, and when I catch some time I will test it. Looks interesting if there is some small space where scanner cannot fit.
I have made 60-70 posts
I have made 60-70 posts
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Re: Recon-3D, Accurate iPhone Data for Forensics

Post by surveypm »

I'm using the trial version and the quality is very good; best of any app I used. Yes the phone is much easier to get into smaller areas. Much easier than my Freestyle.

The e57 export works well and comes into SCENE just fine. However, I'm struggling to get this scan to align with the scans of the same area with my M70 with automatic registration. I realize this app uses different kind of targets, but that doesn't help with the checkerboard targets used for the M70.

I also couldn't get the FARO As-Built Modeler to automatically identify cylinders. I'm using it to scan some equipment and piping. However, after exporting to Recap I was able to use the FARO As-built AutoCAD plug in to manually identify cylinders (pipes).

The trial only gives you about 30 seconds of scanning so I'm unsure if I'm not getting enough points; sometimes I get SCENE errors stating that when trying to select points. As well after a number of scans it stops and you have to get the full version. I also haven't been able to C2C register 2 scans of the same area from different angles in SCENE. I did manage to manually register three other scans by picking points. I'm hesitant to spend $399/year to evaluate whether it's a substitute for the Freestyle which seems to register easily with the M70 scans.
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Re: Recon-3D, Accurate iPhone Data for Forensics

Post by 3DForensics »

Let me do some digging into this and perhaps i will speak to the people at FARO to see if there is some additional data that may help inside of FARO Scene.

Thank you for posting and letting me know about these issues.

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