The Coordinate Metrology Society is on LSF! Learn more.

The Coordinate Metrology Society is devoted to expanding and promoting the usage of mobile metrology systems.
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The Coordinate Metrology Society is on LSF! Learn more.

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Thank you to the LSF for featuring CMS as an Affiliated Association. CMS is the Coordinate Metrology Society, also known for its annual conference for over 35 years called CMSC (Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference). This years CMSC was held just a few weeks ago as an in-person event in Orlando, FL. After 3 years of no face-to-face conference, it was really special to be together again. The CMSC is an amazing mix of coordinate metrology professionals including measurement service providers, product technical representatives, and coordinate systems users from all areas of industry including aero, auto, power, defense, infrastructure, academic, etc.

I know many visitors to the LSF are involved in metrology-level work using many of the instruments we see and discuss at CMSC. Take a look at our website and become familiar with the world of 3D measurement systems that the CMS covers. Consider becoming a member of the CMS. A very valuable benefit is access to years worth of technical journals containing many of the incredible technical presentations & papers presented each year at a CMSC.

Please see our About CMS page for more background on what the CMS is about, our world of 3D instruments, and why you might find a tribe of 3D measurement professionals that you've been looking to join. Consider joining CMS as a Member, participating in CMS events, and coming to our CMSC next year. CMS is a volunteer-managed organization run by professionals just like you. I've been attending CMSC events since 1996. Contact me or any other CMS participant for more information.
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