Polyga Introduces Its First High Resolution 3D Camera, the Vision V1

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Polyga Introduces Its First High Resolution 3D Camera, the Vision V1

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Polyga Inc., a Canadian developer of professional 3D scanning and mesh processing technologies, announces a brand new product line, the Vision V1 3D camera.

Polyga’s Vision V1 is a high accuracy, high-speed 3D camera for industrial computer vision applications. The V1 is packaged in a rugged enclosure that is ready for integration into any 3D machine vision application.

The V1 is factory calibrated, and generates over 4.5 million scan points per second. The system is ideal for robotic vision, machine learning, inspection, and medical imaging applications. Also, it has multiple options for processing data, including a powerful 3D GUI application (FlexScan3D) as well as a lightweight C/C++ SDK.

“After years of developing high resolution 3D scanners, we’ve decided to leverage our experience to introduce a 3D camera. The V1 is the first model in a line of 3D vision products. We’re planning several different models, expect to achieve the same scan quality from our vision products that we’ve achieved with our 3D scanner line. ” said Thomas Tong, President of Polyga.

These 3D cameras are ideal for companies who are starting with 3D vision. They’re easy to use while being powerful enough for integrators and experienced users. Engineers worldwide trust Polyga products for applications where high-accuracy and 3D detail data is critical.

Ready to collect high resolution 3D images? For more information, please visit https://www.polyga.com/products/polyga-v1/

About Polyga
Polyga is a manufacturer of 3D vision systems, 3D scanners and 3D measurement software based in Vancouver, Canada. Our line of products are a trusted brand of 3D imaging solutions used worldwide for a variety of industrial, medical and research applications. We’re looking for others to join us who share this passion.
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