Videogrammetry - Creating realistic 3D models using phone videos

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Videogrammetry - Creating realistic 3D models using phone videos

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Back Light

A surveyor documenting infrastructure often faces the problem of arriving on the field too late, when the infrastructure is already backfield. This means that infrastructure measurements are not made accurately or cannot be made at all. When the measurements need to be corrected, the surveyors have a lot of trouble finding it under the asphalt, which is a very expensive solution. A major problem that arises is also the possibility of cutting an electricity cable or a water pipe.

In this webinar, we will show you how to avoid these problems and solve them before they happen with 3Dsurvey, where we can use videogrammetry to map infrastructure and create a realistic 3D model. This workflow makes it quick and easy to capture where a surveyor is not urgently needed.

We'll teach you how to use videogrammetry to create accurate 3D models. You will learn a practical workflow on how to perform videogrammetry, process the data in 3Dsurvey, and check its accuracy. We will focus on 3 different examples:

- the construction of a city drinking water

- the measurement of a material pile

- interior mapping example

More info at:

Plus this is pretty neat too...
Anyone using it?
Jason Warren

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Leandre Robitaille
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Re: Videogrammetry - Creating realistic 3D models using phone videos

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Issue I have with Videogrammetry is lost of picture quality, recording quality is lower when doing a video than when capturing a photo.
Also metadata in the pictures helps a lot with speeding up the processing. I would not recommend using Videogrammetry over photogrammetry.
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