Handyscan 700 lifespan

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Handyscan 700 lifespan

Post by el_ash3al »

Hi guys
I'm going to buy a used creaform handyscan 700 2016 model
When I tested it, I found that the scanning acquisition is slow a llitle bit , but the owner told me that it's because he uses an old laptop to , my question here is that , what is the life span of the handyscan 700 , or what should I took in my consideration before purchasing this used device ?

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Re: Handyscan 700 lifespan

Post by 3D4L »

It was slow compared to what? Look at the specs for scanning speed. It is spec'd to scan slower than the Peel hobby scanner. I've been seeing a lot of videos of the scantech that is really fast.
Olivier Plamondon
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Re: Handyscan 700 lifespan

Post by Olivier Plamondon »

The HandySCAN 700 lasers are rated at 50 000 hours of use. Assuming an average use of 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, we have an expectancy of a bit over 17 years.
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Re: Handyscan 700 lifespan

Post by Priority3d »

I'd also like to point out that resolution can affect scanning speed a lot. In many demos, people will show you a scanner that looks fast, but when you get it, it seems slower. The reason is usually cause they show the demo scanning at a low resolution, say 1-2mm, which requires far less data points be acquired to create the mesh than scanning at high resolutions like 0.2-0.5mm. You can test this yourself (Or have the salesman) by scanning the same object at 2 different resolutions 0.5mm and 1.5mm. There are times at which both resolutions are useful, depending on complexities of the parts etc.

And don't forget, resolution does not equal accuracy. It just creates a bigger space between the data points. They are still accurate data points. It mainly affects fine details, radii etc.

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Re: Handyscan 700 lifespan

Post by frassolutions »

I own a Handyscan 700 for 7 years now, and it works just as fast as when I bought it. The new generation is slightly faster than the old generation, but to be honest, unless you are scanning parts every day with high speed requirements, it really doesn't matter. It's the same time for setup and post-treatment. In the end, we are looking at 2% to 5% max speed change for a project.

BTW, I am willing to sell mine, because I don't do scan services anymore. I estimate that it has been used about 300 hours since purchase, and it looks like new.

PM me if interested.
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