Skip registration on Cyclone Register 360?

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Re: Skip registration on Cyclone Register 360?

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caleb.baildon wrote: Wed May 25, 2022 10:45 pm You can put unlinked scans all in the same site map, you just need 'fake' links. I did it with scanning of several manholes. I added an aerial image and dragged each scan to its location and then did visual aligment and just clicked 'join and lock'.
It created links between my scans and put them all in one site map.
Yep, this is a method that works. I have used the Join and lock on several occasions when I want to have a scan cloud come into my ARCGIS Pro in a particular "Georeferenced spot" Used a 3" Pixel Aerial Photo for placement or used the built in image service in Reg 360
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Re: Skip registration on Cyclone Register 360?

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on import if I remeber it should allow for "registered" so it comes in already locked in its scan location. it should let you export it then
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