Editing Comparison Points

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Editing Comparison Points

Post by JLyden »


New member and new Polyworks user. My training is coming up sometime soon, but was hoping I might find some info on a couple roadblocks I've run into in my early explorations.

I built a data table from blueprint data to use for comparison points (utilizing xyz-ijk data) and in the process, fat-fingered a couple and need to amend them. When I click on a point and try to edit it, it tells me the link to the reference object will be deleted, so how do I change it without losing the link (if I'm saying this right).

Secondly, I need to change the tolerance and cannot? I went to the Inspector options, created a new tolerance template, but it won't let me apply it?

Any thoughts/tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!
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Re: Editing Comparison Points

Post by OLDGAUCHO1 »

Hello fellow polyworks user :D ,

for creating the link to the reference object, you just right click on the feature you need to edit and click "Properties". In the dialog zone check the "Linked object" and chose your desired reference object.
About the tolerance settings, again right click on the feature and than click "Geometry controls" and then you can change the tolerances.

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Hope this is helpfull for you.

Have a nice day.
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