3D Mapping Solutions for Enterprise AR

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3D Mapping Solutions for Enterprise AR

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I am curious if anyone has experience using 3d mapping data with an Augmented reality (AR) SDK and AR headset. My research lab is examining the questions below:
-What are the circumstances in which 3D environment maps provide value to development and deployment of AR enterprise?
-Which 3D environment mapping solutions (hardware, software, services) can be used in AR enterprise?
-What are the quickest and most accurate ways to capture 3D industrial environments and how do use cases impact tool choices?
-How to leverage existing standards for rapid/future-proof AR solutions based on 3D mapping?
-How should the implementer choose when to add 3D mapping to their tool chains?
-When (and how) can providers of AR authoring platforms integrate and leverage 3D mapping in their offerings?
-How to integrate feature detection from 3D maps into AR experiences?
-Where should 3D mapping solutions and AR be used in the future?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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