geomechanical analysis

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geomechanical analysis

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Hello to all,
I am a geologist, and having to do an geomechanical analysis of a rock wall by a laser scanner survey.
I wanted to ask how to trasform the coordinates of the normal vectors (for example 0.1255, -0.5194, 0.8453 etc...) of the planes to the individual values ​​of direction and dip to be used into the stability analysis software.
I use Cyclone and JRC Reconstructor.

Thank you all for any suggestions
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Re: geomechanical analysis

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For surface rock slope, you can use some Matlab algorithms, like DSE, from Riquelme et al.

With the output of the scanner (X, Y, Z, R, G, B and sometimes return of intensity), you can extract the dip and dip direction of the joints of the slope with these algorithms. It also identifies the joint family that you can put in your kinematic analysis, or you can extract the clusters and crete your own family in Dips.

Best reguards,

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