Help with selling scanning services

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Help with selling scanning services

Post by Arctanx » Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:32 am

I have a client who needs the positions of some parts within a gas compressor facility. Due to the high vibration environment, my total station survey was inaccurate. Long story short, I rented a GeoSLAM and collected the data. We also collected aerial photogrammetry.
I'd like to sell them the additional point cloud data but I need to make a good pitch for them to see the value of having that data.

So far my talking points are that there are no as built drawings of the site. The design drawings do not reflect as built conditions. The client is upgrading the site currently but they don't necessarily need the point cloud data to get their job done.

What are some advantages for them having the site scan data?
Fwiw, this client isn't the kind who counts millimeters, if we get them within 5cm they can build most anything they do.

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