compressed LAZ import/export for Scene ...?

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compressed LAZ import/export for Scene ...?

Postby lastools » Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:33 pm

Hello from @LAStools,

with Pointools announcing that support for LAZ files (aka LASzip-compressed LAS files) is coming soon and with pointzip turning gigantic PTS files into 10 times smaller LAZ files, the question begs whether and when Faro Scene will support the LAZ format. This would allow the export of compressed point clouds for ingestion into Pointools directly in compressed form, as well as the direct import of compressed LAZ files instead of having to decompress to PTS or LAS first. Oliver, care to comment ...?


Martin @rapidlasso

rapidlasso - fast tools to catch reality

PS: See below for a screen-shot of the GUI. I expect more and more software vendors will add native support for LAZ. Here you find a list of software packages that already do.

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