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LFM to ReCap

Post by Finbox »

Hi folks,

First time poster here, been lurking for a while.

As part of a larger task, we have to export a selected part of an LFM database into ReCap for further work in AutoCAD later. We have been using 'volume at point' to acquire the section we want, and then we simply used the 'export' tool in server mode, selecting ReCap as the destination file type.

The points export OK but they are no longer in the correct global coordinate system (from the overall LFM database) we require. Something in the export, or volume selection perhaps, places the exported points into an unwanted local coordinate system. So all the points are OK relatively but just in the wrong place.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this may be happening or have any suggestions on how to get the points into ReCap but keep the original coordinate system?

Much appreciated,

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Re: LFM to ReCap

Post by JenniC »

Hi Finlay,

This was a known issue with LFM Server and earlier. It was fixed in LFM Server You can find the latest installer for LFM Server (version on our downloads page - https://www.aveva.com/en/Services_and_S ... FM-Support where this issue will be fixed.

If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact us direct at [email protected].

Kind regards,
Jenni Copple
Senior Applications Consultant
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Re: LFM to ReCap

Post by mhuynh1031 »

Hi Finlay,

Ive been researching and trying alot of different things. My company is still working on LFM Server 4.4. I think the best way is to convert the entire scan into recap. Then use recap to chop up the scan in "regions" if you desire to do so. When u export regions on recap, u will lose bubble view. I just import the entire ZFS into recap and skip registration (very important or it will come in a 0,0). After that, merge into my NWF. I can publish the NWD with the recap file. It is very nice as a deliverable.


Easy method if ZFS can be imported into recap
  • Start up recap and import the ZFS files
  • skip registration otherwise the scan will go to 0,0

Harder method if ZFS cannot be imported
  • use lfm gate way to convert ZFC to e57 for import to recap later on
  • start up LFM gateway
  • right click in projects and create a new group
  • import your LFM registered scans here
  • remember to click "create int file if not present" to keep the intelligence
  • once finished, export scans (right click on group and select export scans)
  • notice sub draw is 1
  • select single file or multiple. I like one single file
  • select output format as e57
  • once finished, start up recap and import e57 file
let me know if theres any more issues. There doesnt seem to be much information out there for this kinda stuff. Autodesk university helps.
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